Whittlebrook grass cut


the sun is out and so is the foliage first cut of the grass this year ran out of petrol before I ran out of energy (just)

John Ashworth’s funeral

John Ashworth’s funeral will take place at Blackley Crematorium on Monday 10th October @ 1pm. The cortege will pass Ashenhurst 12.30/12.45pm for anyone who would like to present a 21 rod salute 😊. Venue for the wake to be confirmed. All who would like to say goodbye are welcome at the funeral and the wake.

*********Really Important *********

*********Really Important *********
I am getting endless emails from members asking details which are
A) in the rule book
B ) on your badge
C) posted on here or website
D) listed on the pre Christmas newsletter
Please look for what your asking first 99/100 the answer is there already.
All the below is for current members and for those asking new applications will open sometime next week current members will always take priority but won’t be much longer for you 🎣🎣🎣
Ok the link above will let you access your account page. But only if we have your email address, if you didn’t give us one send it with your name to broughtonanglingclub@msn.com
I will add it for you so you can login yourself and I will contact you to let you know it’s live .
Click on the link above
Type in your email
Select renew membership tab
Follow directions
Mojo does not take payments so then you go to your bank and pay by Bacs transfer
Once payment is in the club account your new badge can be posted out or collected at a meeting.
Seniors 18/60 £68.50
Seniors 60/65 £58.50
Oaps 65 £33.50
Juniors 12/18 £18.50
Must be that age on or before April 1st
Membership mojo will allow you to edit your details
You can update your photo if you look different (beard,glasses or just a bit older 😳 ) just remember to click SAVE at the bottom of your page whenever you change anything photo address telephone etc
Please remember I do work 6 days a week but I will do my very best too post out within 48 hours of receiving funds and you must NOT go on club waters without a VALID permit even though you have paid.
So please pay 7 days before your current permit expires which is March 31

Meeting are back!!

Monthly meetings are back starting from Tuesday 5th October and then every first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at the Whitehouse Club 8pm

Memberships renewals now open.

Memberships renewals now open. pay via bank transfer / paypal. If you cant do any of them cash on collection is possible but not ideal.


Paying respects to Douglas Horne

Douglas Horne he passed away on the 8th January, His funeral will be on 26/1/21 Blackley crem @ 3.00 we will be passing Ashenhurst about 2.45 if there are any members that wish to pay there last respect to Douglas.

Membership Applications Closed until 2021



Our Monthly meetings are held on the

first Tuesday of every month at:

The Whitehouse Club

193 Middleton Road,

M8 4JZ.



As of 5.10am (sunrise) Wednesday 13th May you are now permitted to fish all club water.

To all members

As of 5.10am (sunrise) Wednesday 13th May you are now permitted to fish all club water. Please remain 2m from any other member at all times.

  • NO fishing without new membership
  • landing nets 18 inch minimun
  • please use hand sanitiser after touching anything anyone else will have touched. (locks)


To all members

Fishing could be allowed on Wednesday we are just waiting for confirmation from the Angling Trust. Please keep checking the website and Facebook page for confirmation before trying to fish.

Also 2020/2021 fees must be paid and you MUST have a current badge to be able to fish.

All subs can be paid by post with a cheque for the current amount badge no ect to paul horne address in rule book,or paid on line through website.