Night Fishing

Night fishing is permitted for members only. Night Fishing is for 24 hours ONLY (juniors can not night fish without an adult member) Day tickets are not allowed to night fish.
Night fishing starts after sunset or before sunrise please use the live chart below to work out if you will need to book on to night fish. If the sunsets at 6pm and you want to fish until 8pm you will need to book on using the form below giving at least 24 hours notice. Please note if you change your mind about night fishing you must cancel your booking.

The live sunrise to sunset chart below helps you work out if you should be booking on to fish.

***Please note you will receive an approval email normally between 6.30pm-10.30pm on the day you send the request if you do not receive the email contact us as you do not have permission to night fish and we might of missed your request. ****

**Whittlebrook only 6 people allowed to night fish at any one time*